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Phillip Klum Mastering

Our Mastering Process

The Road…..

In 1992, after many years as a touring artist, and recording engineer/producer, Phillip began

a ten-year stint at Joe Brescio’s Master Cutting Room (a Record Plant offshoot) where he fell in love with the art of mastering. In 2002, Phillip helped open the Soho/NYC-located Jigsaw Sound as Senior Mastering Engineer and, since 2005, Phillip has been making clients extremely happy (many say making miracles happen) as Chief Mastering Engineer at Phillip Klum Mastering.

The Experience and Service…..

Through processing, level adjusting, editing (if needed), noise reduction (if needed), reference cutting and finally, the creation and delivery of all masters for duplication and/or downloads - we will take your project and do whatever is necessary to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

After listening to/learning about the client’s desires and assessing the project’s needs, knowing what to achieve and how to achieve it is where Phillip’s experience, training, and passion for the art of mastering is unsurpassed.

Experience the sounds of Phillip Klum Mastering…